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Why Choose the TC3800 Tint-Chek PRO from EDTM?

Tint-Chek PRO

Competitor #1

Competitor #2

2-Piece Wireless Design *
Backlit Display
0.1% Resolution
Easy Battery ReplacementX
Type of Battery9V Alkaline6V2 Coin Cell **
Number of Batteries112
Accurately Tests Tinted and Silver Window FramesXUnknownX
Carry Case, User Manual & Calibration Standards IncludedXXX
100% American MadeUSA ***
Unknown ****China *****

* Wired designs have major reliability issues
** Coin Cell Battery: Less current capacities at lower temperatures
*** American Electronics: Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA
**** Unknown - Believed to be made in USA
***** Chinese Electronics and Partial Chinese Assembly

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