Celebrating 30 Years in Business

Replacement & Installation Stations

As a business, we understand your need to have reliable, durable, efficient equipment in your shop. Every time a machine breaks down, needs to be updated, or requires new training for new employees, money is lost and it is for this reason that EDTM, Inc. has brought you our Tint-Chek + (TC2800) and our two-piece Tint-Chek PRO (TC3800).

In regards to durability, there is nothing like our Tint-Chek meters on the market. Whereas other two-piece tint meters have sensors that are exposed to the surface and can scratch causing inaccurate readings, our two piece meter's sensor is enclosed in a protective plastic case that is designed to keep your sensor scratch free in the work place. In addition, all of our meters come with a rugged protective case which is designed to keep them working accurately in busy work spaces. Finally, our meters have no moving parts. Whereas other meters on the market have moving parts that can break, our system is completely digital and has no switches or levers in them.

If businesses are forced to buy machines with disposable parts, they need to be able to purchase those parts easily and have them easily interchangeable. Keeping that in mind, we have designed all of our units to work off of a single 9-volt battery. Other leading units on the market require 6V batteries or coin cell lithium ion batteries which can be uncommon or difficult to acquire. All of our units allow for easy battery replacement into the back of the meter. Other units require uncommon screw drivers to replace the battery, our unit has no screws that need to be removed and battery change is simple and straight forward, which allows you to keep working without expensive delays.

Our unit is extremely easy to use with its one button system, but if there are any  questions all of our units come with a simple instruction manual. In addition, we have customer service standing by from 8-5pm ET. Whereas other companies struggle with customer service, we seek to answer your questions and will make sure that you speak with a real human being when you call. There is too little time in the day to spend hours on hold or talking to people who don't understand the unit you bought. Don't settle for less, get quality customer service when you buy a Tint-Chek.

We realize you work hard and need only the best equipment in your shop. In regards to tint meters, there is nothing like a Tint-Chek. So don't settle for anything less, purchase a Tint-Chek + or Tint-Chek PRO and know that you are getting a unit that can handle all of your needs.