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Inspection Stations

It is becoming increasingly obvious that illegal tint is not only a hazard to vehicle operators but to our law enforcement officers as well. As state inspectors, you stand as the first line of defense for our officers safety. We can equip you with the very best equipment on the market and there is no tint meter on the market like our Tint-Chek PRO (TC3800).

As a two-piece meter, the Tint-Chek PRO stands above any other two-piece meter on the market today. The Tint-Chek PRO has a backlit display allowing for easy use in the evening and on cloudy days, simple battery replacement that requires only one 9-volt battery to operate the two pieces, and comes with two N.I.S.T. Traceable calibration standards that allow for accurate calibration so that your meter is always working in prime condition. In addition, the Tint-Chek PRO measures to a tenth of a percent (0.1%) allowing for the best accuracy on the market.

With our officers safety at stake, every Inspection Station needs to be equipped with the very best meter on the market and there is no better meter than our Tint-Chek PRO. Tint Meters are designed to save police officers lives and enforce codes. Therefore, get the best with the Tint-Chek PRO!