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About Us


Since 1993, Electronic Design to Market (EDTM, Inc.) has been bringing excellence to the window industry through the creation, invention, and manufacturing of meters for glass testing. We are the leading creators and manufacturers of hand-held glass meters in the world. From our Glass-Chek to our tint meters, our focus has always been on filling a void in the market place by inventing a needed product or by replacing poorly designed existing products. It is for this reason that we used our over 70 years of experience in the window industry to bring you the Tint-Chek, Tint-Chek +, and Tint-Chek PRO meters. Whether it is from our easy battery replacement to our industry revolutionizing Back-lit display (Tint-Chek + and Tint-Chek PRO), EDTM, Inc., with our TINT-CHEK product line, has been succeeding in providing the best tint meter on the market for Law Enforcement, Inspection Stations, and Window tint replacement sites. In addition to our industry leading technology, our technical support staff is available during regular business hours to address any of your concerns or answer any of your questions.